My name is Miles Chen. I hold a PhD in statistics from UCLA.

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I Love Statistics

In undergrad, I studied Industrial Engineering. It was a really fun subject, and I had to take several statistics courses. Those classes ended up being my favorites. [Thank you Prof Lin and Prof Chakravarthy!] Now I'm pursuing my doctorate in statistics.

I hope one day I can teach statistics and inspire an appreciation for the subject. And even if I can't teach everyone, I hope anyone who takes a statistics course or visits this site will learn to love statistics too.

Why Statistics Is so Great

Data is everywhere! When you use your phone, go to the grocery store, or even drive your car, you are generating lots and lots of data. And statistics makes sense of it all.

Did you use your cell phone today? A lot of technology went into making that possible, and a lot depends on statistics. The signal from your tiny cell phone can degrade over distance or even get mixed up with the many other calls happening at the same time. But statistics lets the cell towers recover the original signal so the other person can understand what you're saying.

And the next time you send a hand written letter, you can thank statistics for helping it get delivered. Behind the scenes a computer scans the envelope and recognizes your handwriting so it can be sorted. Handwriting recognition is made possible by statistics.

In an introductory course, you probably won't get to learn the complex methods behind these technologies, but you'll form a basic understanding of the idea behind extracting meaningful information out of a sea of data.

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